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Professional E-Mail Hosting Services

Our email service supports all systems and devices

NO data retention at SPRIT.ORG

As a pure domain and web hosting company, we are exempt from the new regulation on data retention. This applies especially to your e-mail inbox. If your right to data protection and privacy is important to you, we recommend that you transfer your e-mail account as well as your domain and/or website to us. You can learn more under Change Domain (click!).

Our professional e-mail administration is included with all products

Work with your e-mail address as it suits you! Using familiar e-mail software in the office or at home (e.g. Windows Outlook, Mac Mail etc.), in an Internet café, while on holiday, or on the road from your phone (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Google Android etc.) - however you do it, our e-mail hosting package covers every aspect of using e-mail.

E-mail cloud service for companies

With our advanced cloud service for your e-mail addresses, multiple users can access, work with and send e-mails on multiple devices simultaneously, even while working externally or from other places than your office, without getting in each other's way.

Webmail with address book and calendar with Outlook and Mac sync

Our modern webmail system is particularly recommended if you need constant access to your e-mails from multiple devices or locations. You can also manage your appointments in the calendar and your contacts in the integrated address book, and can synchronize data with other devices at any time using Outlook or Mac sync.

Comprehensive Support
Windows, Mac, Android, etc.
Umfassender Support We support nearly every device and system!
Domain transfers
Free of charge
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E-Mail Features
Access anywhere to your e-mail
E-Mail Funktionen
POP3 / IMAP (Outlook, Firebird)
iPhone, iPad, etc.
Windows Mobile, Blackberry,
Webmail with your browser
Calender, Tasks
Adress-Book, Outlook Sync
etc ...
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