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Highspeed Web Hosting mit 30 Tagen Geld zurück Garantie!
Preis pro Monat
€ 1,90
€ 5,90
€ 9,90
Speicherplatz inkl. FTP
15 GB
30 GB
50 GB
Max. Domainnamen
Kostenloser Telefonsupport
Erweiterte Zugriffsstatistik
Windows- und Mac- Support
15 E-Mail Posftächer inbegriffen
E-Mail Aliase/Weiterleitungen
Ajax Webmail, IMAP, POP3
Komp. mit Windows, Linux, Mac
Komp. mit Blackberry, Android
Komp. mit IPhone, IPad
Online Verwaltung
Unlimited Traffic / Fair Use
99,9 % Verfügbarkeit
PHP 5 & Perl
5 x MySQL 5 Datenbanken
DB-Verwaltung PHPMyAdmin
Web-Software kompatibel
Eigene Fehlerseiten
Domain mit und ohne www
.htaccess Verwaltung
SSI Inklusive
Multi-Domain u. Multi-User
Pro Domain 10 E-Mail-Konten
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High performance web hosting with many benefits
Sprit's professional web hosting has proven its worth with countless companies, web designers, and private users for more than ten years. Our infrastructure is based on high-performance components and connections.

Flawless compatibility and support for a wide range of devices
Whatever devices and operating systems you work with - Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Mobile - our services work hand in hand with all of them and they are all supported by us.

Extensive software package included
All our PHP and MySQL products also include a comprehensive package of current software for your web presence. Regardless if it's a simple website, a content management system (CMS), a forum, a web shop or a blog, you can use Joomla, Typo3, WordPress and co. to position your website as professionally as possible on the web.

Multi-domain web hosting for agencies and web designers
Agencies and web designers will surely appreciate our unique multi-domain web hosting service, which supports an unlimited number of domain names. Each domain name hosted with us can represent an individual Internet presence. We also offer an unlimited number of FTP user accounts, with each FTP user being assigned to a separate area (e.g. Internet presence/domain).

Comprehensive Support
Windows, Mac, Android, etc.
Umfassender Support We support nearly every device and system!
Domain transfers
Free of charge
Domainwechsel Transfer your Domain Name now to
E-Mail Features
Access anywhere to your e-mail
E-Mail Funktionen
POP3 / IMAP (Outlook, Firebird)
iPhone, iPad, etc.
Windows Mobile, Blackberry,
Webmail with your browser
Calender, Tasks
Adress-Book, Outlook Sync
etc ...
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