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Domain Per month
.cab 7.50
.camera 7.50
.clothing 7.50
.company 7.50
.computer 7.50
.domains 7.50
.estate 7.50
.florist 7.50
.gallery 7.50
.land 7.50
.link 7.50
.management 7.50
.marketing 7.50
.photos 7.50
.pics 7.50
.sexy 7.50
.singles 7.50
.support 7.50
.tips 7.50
.training 7.50
.ag 12.50
.am 9.16
.asia 1.66
.be 1.66
.cc 2.08
.ch 1.66
.co 3.33
.cx 5.83
.cz 4.92
.es 1.66
.fm 9.16
.fr 1.66
.gd 2.50
.gg 15.00
.gl 6.66
.gs 2.91
.ht 13.58
.im 4.16
.in 1.66 1.66 1.66 1.66 1.66 1.66
.io 5.83
.je 15.00
.la 4.16
.lc 9.16
.li 2.08
.mn 5.83
.mobi 2.08
.ms 2.50
.mu 8.33
.mx 6.66
.nl 1.66
.nu 3.33
.pe 7.50
.ph 5.83
.pl 1.66
.sc 12.50
.sh 6.66
.si 3.33
.sk 4.16
.so 2.50
.tel 2.08
.tk 1.66
.tv 3.33 1.66 1.66 1.66
.ws 1.66

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Register your Domain!
Our domain service is fast, affordable, and straightforward. Simply enter the domain name you wish to register in the search box, select your preferred extension and click "GO". You can then register your domain name if it is still available. Later in the ordering process, you have the opportunity of adding further products to your domain name registration, such as our web hosting package. If you are registering on behalf of somebody else, you can enter separate owner and billing details. If you pay by credit card, domain names ending in  .EU/.DE/.COM/.NET/.ORG/.INFO/.BIZ will be registered within 20-30 minutes; .AT domains will be registered within 24 hours (on business days). Domain name registration is suitable for both personal and business users.

Get your free, professional e-mail package with every domain
Every new domain registration includes 3 e-mail accounts and 10 e-mail redirects. You can retrieve your e-mails via POP or IMAP, or by using our webmail client or a mobile device (Android, iOS, Microsoft, RIM etc.) while travelling. Of course, you are also welcome to use the classic methods - via your Outlook or Thunderbird (recommended!) e-mail client. All e-mail accounts feature an address book function and a calendar, both including synchronization options for your PC or Mac.

Create your own DNS entries for autonomous server administration
By specifying your own DNS servers when registering your domain name, you can undertake the technical administration of your domain yourself. In this case, SPRIT.ORG will register the domain name for you and in your name, but specify your DNS servers.

NEW: Use external domains purchased from other registrars at SPRIT.ORG
This service lets you use domain names from other registrars with your SPRIT.ORG web hosting package. If you already own one or more domain names registered with other providers and would like to use them via SPRIT.ORG, just mark the domain(s) as external domain(s) in our web hosting panel, and use our name servers with the third-party provider where the domain name is administered. Now you can use our professional e-mail service and SPRIT.ORG's web hosting with this domain.

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